Welcome to Covet Nation!

We have't slept for the better part of the last 2 weeks and our energy is largely fueled by large quantities of caffeine but...we made it and Covet Nation is here!

So who the hell are we?

We love all the glamorous and gore-worthy makeup and will be bringing you the most coveted cruelty-free beauty and sfx products from around the globe. Always 100% cruelty-free, super high quality and as often as possible, vegan. We're not here to push any lifestyle choices on you, we just love our furry and feathered friends and don't think it's necessary to compromise on quality in order to have products that haven't been tested on animals. 

Over the coming months we will be linking up with various animal welfare groups, charities, adoption centres and caregivers to raise awareness, support and funds for them. 

We are also very pro self-esteem, body image, self acceptance and self love. Actually, we're really just pro acceptance and love in general for everyone. You will start to notice over time that we include all walks of life in our images and campaigns. All skin tones, body weights, genders and (im)perfections. We think everyone should be coveted and we think you're beautiful. All we do is provide you with amazing products to enhance, alter, dress up or transform yourself into your own idea of awesome!

*Photo by Caitlin Boldand from KTBdesign.net and model, Francesca Massingham.

Our mantra: "Covet Me. Covet Them. Covet It." 
In other words: Love yourself. Love others (including the furry and feathered). Love the things you love.

There will be new brands and products added regularly including a whole range of SFX coming soon so make sure to check back regularly and follow us on social media to keep up to date!

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♥ You've been Coveted! 

Covet Me. Covet Them. Covet It.