Our little posse hails from Brisbane, Australia. Down under. With the drop bears.

Nope. We're completely indy! Relatively small and managed with love. While we hope to grow from a little nation to a bigger one we are definitely not a big conglomerate. No pty. ltd. No stocks and shares. Damn the man! ...or something like that.

We stock all our goodies right here with us where we can see, feel, smell and test them so we can ensure they meet our high standards and we can ship them to you ASAP!

We aim for same day shipping or occasionally next day if we're overrun with orders. Any longer than that and we will contact you. The only exception is if an order is placed between late Monday afternoon/evening through to Sunday it will be shipped first thing Monday because our courier doesn't collect on weekends.

Oh man...we know those feels! Where possible we allow same day pick up if it's an emergency. Depending on the situation and if there's someone available we may even be able to get it to you if you're within the Brisbane area. If you're just outside of Brisbane and on either the Gold or Sunshine Coasts then there's a small possibility we may even be able to get it to you there. If you're on the Gold or Sunshine coast then same day delivery will most likely only apply to bigger orders. We probably won't be rushing you a pair...

We are pretty hardcore about ensuring all the products we stock do not test on animals in any way. This includes the ingredients that are sourced by the companies that we buy from. If a brand we are interested in is not officially Peta listed then we specifically ask questions about where and how the products are made and tested and make sure their ingredients are ethical. Only if we are suitably convinced will we stock them.

We need to know about this NOW! If you come across something in our store that you know is not cruelty-free then please send all details to us ASAP! This is not cool at all. We will look into and remove the product from sale until we have done some research.

No we don't. This has absolutely nothing to do with any prejudice, bias or a mindset that the products produced there are somehow inferior. In fact the majority of products made in China are actually excellent in terms of quality. The only reason we refrain from China made goods is because local law there mandates that all cosmetics must be tested on animals. Until this changes we unfortunately will not purchase products that fall into this category. This also includes companies that purchase raw cosmetic ingredients that have been made there.

Ok. So we know there is a bit of a debate over what constitutes vegan. At it's most basic it is largely just simply excluding animal products. However there is some debate because some people say cochineal and bees wax is ok and others don't. For this reason, for us to consider a product vegan it must exclude ALL animal products and their derivatives. So no gelatin, cochineal, bees wax, milk products, etc. 100% feather, fur and insect free. Nothing sentient.

Nope, not at all and we don't expect you to convert! We are however all about cruelty-free and ethical treatment of animals. We just label the products that are vegan as such to make it easier for people looking for them to find. Regardless of your own personal beliefs or lifestyle, the cosmetics we offer are of the highest quality and have an all around awesomeness that just can't be ignored and everyone can enjoy!

I can't even explain how many times we've done exactly the same thing and have drawers dedicated to it. Unfortunately, due to health and safety regarding cosmetics we cannot accept returns. We can however tell you that most of the things we've bought and changed our mind about doomed to the drawer of nope have actually made it back to our makeup bags after changing our mind again! We just consider it adding to our arsenal. Makeup is fun like that! You never know what look you're going to want next week!

This is like a worst case scenario, super sucky situation and it needs to be sorted asap! Best thing to do is take a few snaps of it with your phone or camera and send them through along with any details about the fault and your order number to info@covetnation.com. We will prioritise this, assess the damage double quick time and contact you with a solution. Please no unicorn tears! We just couldn't handle it! Plus, they need to be saved for better things!

We are in the process of implementing a pro discount structure right now to keep you and your kit fully stocked and sorted! This of course has conditions applied and require evidence of a formal qualification and/or tear sheets, website, ID, etc. Until we get it fully up and running, hit us up at info@covetnation.com, send through your credentials and we'll hook you up!

We hear you. We were there too and don't want you left out so we've decided to set up a student discount rate. Send through proof of your enrollment along with some ID to info@covetnation.com.

We get it. You're a performer and you need to get your show girl/boy/queen/person/general fabulousness on! Send through some sort of evidence of this being a professional type thing. It doesn't actually need to be your full time thing but we do require you to be performing regularly at a professional level. Press coverage, websites, IMDB listings, that sort of thing should do it. Email us at info@covetnation.com.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the fashionably fashionable! Send us proof of your qualification if you have one and/or tear sheets, websites, press, etc to info@covetnation.com and we'll have you and and your clients runway ready in no time.

Hahaha! We LOVE new brands and are always looking to discover the next big thing! Send us through your wholesale info and a bit of a run down of your product line. A website helps too. Keep in mind, your brand must meet our cruelty-free ethos as stated above.

This is something we definitely need to know about! We may not fix it with chewing gum and tin foil but we'll make it work again. Please email us any details to info@covetnation.com