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Fine lines belong in poetry, not lips! Velvety smooth Lip Putty is the ultimate lip primer, filling in those pesky fine lines in and around the lips, while eliminating colour bleeding, blurring and blotching. And it doesn’t stop there! Lip Putty also moisturizes and hydrates because of its singular combination of essential oils and vitamins while providing organic ultra-violet protection. Naturally.

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Lip Putty – by filling in those lippy fine lines - aids in precision application of color lip products and may reduce the need for frequent re-touching.

Lip Putty helps repair chapped lips, hydrate them while locking in moisture on hot or cold days. It can also prevent future damage to lips. All of this improves and enhances the application of other lip products.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

Use Lip Putty as a fine line primer, applying it to fine lines around the eyes and mouth to achieve a smoother look.  It really does fill in the cracks!

Apply Lip Putty before lipstick and glosses to prevent bleeding and extend wearability. Lip Putty is Pro ‘Must-Have’ when using a bright, bold lip shade.

Outline the edge of the lip with Lip Putty using a lip or concealer brush to create a reverse liner before applying lipstick or lip glaze.  This prevents them from bleeding and feathering.

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