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Mermaid/fish gills prosthetic

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Who doesn't want to be Ariel? Instant mermaid, just add prosthetic gills!
You will receive 1 pair of gills prosthetic per order. NB: The display images show two pairs of gills. If you want to achieve this look please order two.
This appliance is made from Water-Melon liquid vinyl which is super easy to apply with nothing more than some Isopropyl Alcohol. See instructions below.
*Water-melon products are perfect for use where realistic blending is required and are suitable for people with latex allergies. 
*Eye area should be avoided due to the use of alcohol to activate the bonding.
  1. Apply 99% Isopropyl Alcohol liberally to the area the appliance is to be attached to.
  2. Place the appliance into the still wet Isopropyl Alcohol. Try to remove as many air pockets under the piece as possible. press and hold the appliance in place until it bonds.
  3. Continue laying the appliance into the alcohol, pressing as you go.
  4. Apply 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to the top of the appliance This makes the appliance almost clear. 
  5. Blend the edges of the appliance with Isopropyl Alcohol this improves the clarity and softens the plastic. Sometimes your finger can help blend the edge too if the Water-Melon™ is soft enough.
  6. Foundation is not required may be used if desired.
  7. Paint or apply blood to appliance as needed.

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